4 Easy Tips for Garage Door Maintenance in Winters

4 Easy Tips for Garage Door Maintenance in Winters

Easy Tips for Garage Door Maintenance in Winters

Winters can be harsh on every home element that is directly exposed to the outside environment. This includes roof and your residential garage door that is designed to protect a vehicle. Since an overhead door is a costly investment, one should ensure that it’s able to make through the winters, without emitting any repair and performance issue.

To achieve this significant aspect, there is great need to maintain the door, so that any chances of breakdown are prevented. In case, you come across any serious damage or wear and tear, call your local garage door repair Edmonton technicians for safe and reliable repairs.

Some of the simple tips to safeguard your garage door in winters are:

  1. Remove Grease Buildup
    Most probably, grease and debris tends to build up on the door tracks and rollers that can interfere with the door operating mechanism. In most of the cases, the tracks and rollers are unable to perform their job completely, thereby degrading the door integrity and performance. To avoid such issues, it’s advised to wipe away the tracks regularly using a clean cloth, so that all sorts of grease and dust buildup gets removed.
  2. Lubricate Moving Parts
    After cleaning the tracks, take another piece of cloth and clean the entire garage door. Once the task is over, use a regular grade machine oil or lubricant to lubricate all the moving elements including rollers, tracks, hinges, nuts, bolts and other hardware. Since these parts can stick and become stalled in cold temperatures, it’s advised to use less of lubricant to prevent sticking of dust and other unwanted materials.
  3. Inspect For Cracks
    Almost every overhead door is operated at least twice or thrice a day, that too on a regular basis. This constant usage can compel the garage door elements to wear and tear at a faster pace. To ensure safety and to avoid any injuries or accidents, it’s advised to inspect and replace the damaged or cracked overhead door spare parts and cables, as soon as possible.
  4. Replace Weatherstrip
    Weatherstrip is used to prevent the natural elements such as rain, wind or dust from entering inside the garage. It is installed on the bottom surface of the door and seals the area to restrict the exchange of cold and hot air. Most possibly, this rubber strip is prone to break down over time, thereby leading to air seepage. To avoid facing this problem, replace the cracked weatherstrips before the oncoming of cold season.

During the harsh winter months, a garage door needs much more attention and care to perform in an efficient way. These are the few tips that can help you in saving your investment from potential damages. If you are looking to maintain your garage door professionally in Edmonton, call our experts.

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