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Looking For A New Garage Door Opener? Here’s The Guide!


Garage door openers are one of the essential parts of every garage door, be it residential or commercial. They are designed to add convenience to our lives. Now, you don’t have to get out of your car to open or close the garage door.

All you need to do is push the button on the garage door opener remote. A door opener is also responsible for keeping your home and valuables safe and secure. So, it is vital to choose the door opener carefully. Make sure you consider the following things while buying a new door opener for your home or business.


You need to consider the purpose and type of the opener before buying it. There are different types of openers available such as chains, belts and screw. Chain-driven openers are the cheapest ones while the belt-driven are expensive. Also, they differ in mechanism so be sure of what you require for your place. It is also very important to call a professional for door opener installation as professionals know how to install an opener in a timely and professional manner.


Your garage door is liable for the security of your home so it should be your foremost concern when selecting an opener. Some opener remotes are equipped with rolling code technology that don’t let any intruder gain unauthorized entry into your home. The rolling code technique automatically changes the door access code every time you use it. Some openers feature the option of disabling the remote for some time or even have sensors to inform the homeowners if the door is left open.

Quiet Operation

This factor should also be taken into consideration. While the chain drive openers create a lot of noise, the belt drive is the quietest one. However, there are DC motors available that significantly reduce the noise. Else, you can also try vibration-isolation for noise reduction.


Speed is another factor that should be considered. Some models are faster than others. Most close at a slow speed, so there are fewer chances that something gets trapped or damaged.


It has been mandatory that every garage door opener should have an auto-reverse feature. This mechanism keeps the door from falling up on any object and immediately reverses back after sensing an object in the path.

Keep in mind all the above things when buying a garage door opener for your home or business. For professional guidance, you can contact our professionals at Gulliver Garage Doors Edmonton. Our professionals would be more than happy you walk you through the opener selection process. Contact TODAY!