How To Program Garage Door Openers – Expert Guide with Gulliver Garage Doors

posted on: April 4, 2024/Garage Doors

Garage door openers have become a convenient and essential part of our daily lives. They provide us with easy access to our garages and enhance the security of our homes. However, programming a garage door opener can be daunting for many homeowners.  With the advancement in technology, there are now different garage door openers available […]

how to wind garage door springs

DIY Guide on How to Wind Garage Door Springs

posted on: /Garage Doors

Garage doors play a crucial role in providing homeowners with security and convenience. However, one component that often goes unnoticed but is essential for the proper functioning of a garage door is the garage door springs. These springs are responsible for the lifting force that allows the heavy garage door to open and close smoothly. […]

commercial garage door opener

Boost Efficiency – Commercial Garage Door Opener Selection with Gulliver Garage Doors

posted on: April 3, 2024/Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors play a crucial role in many businesses. A well-functioning garage door is essential for smooth operations, from warehouses and distribution centers to car repair shops and retail stores. However, the opener is one of the most critical components of a commercial garage door system.  In this blog, we will guide you through […]

residential garage door suppliers

How to Evaluate Residential Garage Door Suppliers

posted on: /Garage Doors

Residential garage doors play a crucial role in providing security, convenience, and aesthetic appeal to homes. When it comes to choosing the right garage door for your home, it is essential to evaluate and select a reliable supplier.  With numerous residential garage door suppliers in the market, finding the perfect one that meets all your […]

add an attached garage

Essential Tips for Adding an Attached Garage

posted on: April 2, 2024/Garage Doors

Adding an attached garage is a practical and valuable investment in enhancing your home. It provides a convenient space to park your vehicles and offers additional storage and living space. Moreover, it adds value to your home, making it an attractive feature for potential buyers if you ever decide to sell. This blog will explore […]

garage screen door

Garage Screen Door – Your Ultimate Guide with Gulliver Garage Doors Edmonton

posted on: /Garage Doors

Welcome to our ultimate guide to garage screen doors from Gulliver Garage Doors in Edmonton. A garage screen door is a perfect solution for enhancing your garage space and enjoying the benefits of fresh air and outdoor living. At Gulliver Garage Doors Edmonton, we understand the importance of finding the right garage screen door for […]

Non-Insulated Garage Doors

What’s the Difference – Insulated vs Non-Insulated Garage Doors

posted on: March 21, 2024/Garage Doors

When installing a new garage door, one of the key decisions you’ll face is choosing an insulated or non-insulated option. This choice can significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency, comfort levels, and overall costs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into garage door insulation, exploring the pros and cons of each option to help you […]

Garage Security Tips

Essential Garage Security Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

posted on: /Garage Door Tips

As a homeowner, ensuring the safety and security of your property should be a top priority. While we often focus on securing the main entry points, such as doors and windows, the garage can be an overlooked vulnerability that could compromise your home’s security. Fortunately, with proactive measures and a few essential garage security tips, […]

Garage Door Opener

Exploring Different Garage Door Opener Types

posted on: March 8, 2024/Garage Door Parts

Your garage door opener is essential to your home’s security and convenience. It allows you to enter and exit your garage without braving the elements, and with modern features, it can even integrate with your smart home system. But with so many different garage door opener types on the market, choosing the right one can […]

Insulated vs. Uninsulated Garage Doors

Insulated vs. Uninsulated Garage Doors – Ultimate Guide

posted on: /Garage Doors

Your garage door is more than just a way to keep your car out of the elements. It’s vital to your home’s security, curb appeal, and energy efficiency. But when it comes to choosing a new garage door, one of the most significant decisions you’ll face is whether to go with an insulated or uninsulated […]