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Garage Door Safety Tips from the Experts

Your garage door is one of the most essential parts of your house, but it can also pose a safety risk if not handled correctly. Each year, thousands of people are injured, and even killed due to garage door-related accidents. But don’t worry! With the right precautions and knowledge, you can ensure that your garage door is safe for your family and loved ones. In this blog post, we will cover everything from the importance of garage door safety to essential measures you can take to keep your garage doors secure. We will also discuss the must-have safety features in modern garage doors and how to educate kids about staying safe around them. By following these tips from our experts, you can have peace of mind knowing that you and your family are safe around your garage doors.

The Importance of Garage Door Safety

Garage door safety is of utmost importance to prevent serious injuries and accidents. Regular maintenance and inspection are essential to ensure that the garage door is in proper working order. Understanding the role of safety features and using them correctly is crucial. It is important to educate family members, especially children, about garage door safety to keep them safe from harm. Investing in modern garage doors with advanced safety measures can provide peace of mind.

The Role of Professionals in Ensuring Garage Door Safety

Professionals play a vital role in ensuring garage door safety. With our expertise, we can identify and address potential safety issues that may arise during the installation, repair, or maintenance of garage doors. we also provide valuable recommendations for upgrading to modern garage doors equipped with enhanced safety features. Hiring professionals for regular inspections and maintenance is essential as it helps prevent accidents and ensures optimal performance. Moreover, relying on professionals guarantees that safety standards and regulations are met. By entrusting the role of professionals, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that their garage door is in safe hands.

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Essential Garage Door Safety Measures

Regular inspections and maintenance are essential for ensuring the safety of your garage door. By regularly inspecting and identifying signs of wear or malfunction, you can address any issues before they become a problem. Keeping the path of the garage door clear from obstructions is crucial in preventing accidents. Make sure to educate your family members about the emergency release feature and how to use it safely. Also, conduct visual inspections of the garage door opener and its components periodically. Establish alternative methods of opening the garage door in case of power outages.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance of Garage Doors

Regularly inspecting your garage door is crucial for identifying any signs of wear, damage, or malfunctions. It’s important to lubricate the moving parts such as rollers, pulleys and hinges to ensure smooth operation. Checking the balance of the door and adjusting the springs if necessary is vital for safety. Testing the auto-reverse feature and adjusting it if needed can prevent accidents. Additionally, verifying the functionality of the emergency release feature is essential in case of an emergency. Stay proactive and make regular inspection and maintenance a priority to keep your garage door in optimal condition.

Understanding the Function of Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs play a crucial role in the safe and controlled opening and closing of the door. It is important to be able to identify signs of worn-out or damaged springs for safety reasons. By understanding the different types of springs used in garage doors, homeowners can make informed decisions. Regular maintenance and lubrication of the springs are necessary to prolong our lifespan and ensure proper functioning. Due to the high tension involved, it is always a good idea to seek professional assistance for spring repairs or replacements.

Must-Have Safety Features in Modern Garage Doors

Modern garage doors have become safer than ever, thanks to the inclusion of various essential safety features. The auto-reverse mechanism is one such feature that detects obstructions in the door’s path and reverses its movement automatically. Garage door safety photosensors utilize infrared technology to detect objects or people in the door’s path, preventing accidents. Another important safety feature is the emergency release, which allows manual operation of the garage door during power outages or malfunctions. Non-pinch panels ensure that fingers or objects don’t get trapped between the door sections. Additionally, rolling code technology ensures that remote controls cannot be easily hacked by burglars. These safety features are a must-have in modern garage doors to protect against potential accidents and keep your family safe.

The Significance of Auto-Reverse Mechanism

The auto-reverse mechanism plays a crucial role in garage door safety. It prevents the door from closing on objects or people in its path, reducing the risk of accidents. Regular testing and adjustment of this feature ensure that it functions properly and provides the intended protection. It’s important to understand how to override or disable the auto-reverse mechanism when necessary. This extra layer of safety is particularly valuable for households with small children or pets. If the auto-reverse feature malfunctions, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance.

Importance of Garage Door Safety Photosensors

Garage door safety photosensors play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of your garage. By using infrared beams, these photosensors detect any objects or people in the path of the door. Regular cleaning and alignment of the photosensors are essential to maintain our effectiveness. Understanding how to troubleshoot common issues with the photosensors is important for maintaining the safety of your garage. With our ability to provide an additional layer of protection, especially in households with children or pets, photosensors are a wonderful thing to have. If the photosensors are not functioning properly or require replacement, it is advisable to consult professionals to ensure the safety of your garage.

How to Use the Emergency Release Feature Safely?

Safely using the emergency release feature is crucial for the manual operation of the garage door during power outages or emergencies. Educate family members about its location and proper usage, and regularly check for proper functionality. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure safe operation.

How to Educate Kids about Garage Door Safety?

Teaching kids about garage door safety is important. Start by explaining the dangers in a way we can understand. Show them how to use the remote or wall button safely. Emphasize keeping hands and toys away from the door’s path. Establish clear rules and supervise young children around garage doors.


Garage door safety should never be taken lightly. It is crucial to prioritize the well-being and security of your family and property. By following essential safety measures such as regular inspection and maintenance, understanding the function of garage door springs, and installing must-have safety features like an auto-reverse mechanism and garage door safety photosensors, you can minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. Additionally, it is equally important to educate your kids about garage door safety. Teach them about the potential dangers and how to safely operate the garage door. By implementing these expert-recommended safety tips, you can ensure a secure and worry-free experience with your garage door.

Summer Safety Tips For Residential Garage Doors

Summer Safety Tips For Residential Garage Doors

Summer months are approaching and soon there will be heat everywhere. For garage door owners, it is one of the toughest time that demands extra care and input to maintain the performance of overhead door installations inside their home. In order to keep your family and vehicle safe in summers, there is need to maintain the largest moving element inside your property. Since garages serve many purposes other than just parking a vehicle, make sure you are spending some quality time in a secure and safe place. For this purpose, you may need to perform periodic maintenance and replacement service.

Some ultimate garage door safety tips for summers are:

  1. Keep the door remote away from the reach of children. Try to install the wall switch button at a height that can be accessed by pets and children i.e. at least 5 feet above the ground level.
  2. Make sure that your kids remain away from the opener remote. Tell them that playing with remote is dangerous as it is not a toy.
  3. Teach your kids and family members about every door component and the function it performs. This will make them realize how dangerous it might turn out working with this heavy door.
  4. Test the door reverse mechanism of an opener at least once in a month to ensure that the overhead door installation is working as desired.
  5. Keep the user and manufacturer manuals handy, so that you can operate the door during faulty and troublesome conditions. This manual can turn out to be beneficial, in case one needs to operate a residential garage door manually.
  6. Carefully inspect the door components like springs, cables, rollers, nuts, bolts, hinges and pulleys. If you notice any signs of damage or wear and tear, get the respective element replaced by professionals.
  7. Since garage doors are largest and heaviest elements, never try to offer any DIY repairs. Only experts who are both licensed and insured can repair or replace the door components effectively.

These are some safety tips for garage doors that ensures that your overhead door installation is ready for summers. If you are looking for a reliable overhead door company that can replace and repair your existing garage door, feel free to call us at Gulliver Garage Doors Edmonton.

4 Smart Benefits Of Owning A Garage Door Remote

4 Smart Benefits Of Owning A Garage Door Remote

If you have installed an automatic garage door, but doesn’t have a remote to operate it conveniently, then you are missing a crucial feature of modern doors. Getting out of your car to manually pull up the garage door is not at all considered the best option. Since automatic doors aim to make life more comfortable, its important that we should enjoy each and every advantage they offer.

To operate an overhead door in an easy manner, remote can help a lot. It not only provides convenience, but also eliminates the hassles of opening a door manually. Though having a remote can surely lead to more expenses, this investment is considered worthy due to the benefits it offers.

Some of the benefits offered by garage door remotes are:

  1. Convenience
    If you are having access to door remote, you don’t need to walk up to the garage to open it up from the wall switch. This will not only provide a feeling of luxury, but will also help in saving time. A little of investment done for such comfort is a good option.
  2. Safety
    Manual door operations are responsible for causing more injuries, like pinched finger or toe. When you are using a remote to lift and shut down this heavy door, you can protect yourself against such injuries. Moreover, one doesn’t need to stand beside the door to watch it open, thereby remote helps in preventing dodging or falling accidents.
  3. Coverage
    Modern garage door remotes offer an amazing coverage that helps in operating a door from a far away distance too. This means you need not have to be present near the garage to operate the large opening. With this amazing coverage, one can even open the door from his office to let a friend or family member gain access inside the garage.
  4. Adds Value
    Alike installing a modern garage door can help in improving the resale value of a property, having a door remote can further boost the value. If you are using an overhead door that is equipped with the latest technology for operating, you’ll surely attract more and more buyers. They will pay you more for these advance facilities.

These are the few benefits offered by garage door remotes. If you are confused about which garage door remote or opener you should buy and install, contact our professionals at Gulliver Garage Doors Edmonton for expert advice.

6 Effective Ways To Keep Your Home & Garage Secure

6 Effective Ways To Keep Your Home Garage Secure

Security is the major concern of every home and business owner. When it comes to attached garage door, you need to be extra careful. Because, if a person gets access to your garage, he can also get into your home. In order to protect your home and belongings, here some effective tips to keep your home secure from intruders and burglars.


  • Make sure your door to the interior of your house is as strong as your front door. Go for a heavy duty wooden or steel door. This is kind of an extra layer of security to your garage and home.
  • You can also consider installing a deadbolt on that interior door. You might consider it inconvenient, but it is really effective way to keep everything safe.
  • It is advisable to never leave your garage door open. This way you might give a chance to someone to invade your personal space.
  • Always install a door that is robust, high in performance and security. An automated door is the best option to get additional safety to your home and family.
  • Make sure your garage door windows are always covered or have frost spray applied on them. It is vital to ensure that none could be able to sneak peak into your space.
  • Another good option is spotlighting the area around your garage. Go for motion-activated spotlights in order to make it difficult for the intruders to lurk around.
  • Make it a point to never leave your car keys in the car. This is the one mistake that homeowners do and allow the thieves to gain access to their property. Make sure you always keep them inside your home.


All the above mentioned points are neither difficult not expensive. A little awareness and preparation can protect your property and family. If you have any query about garage doors, feel free to contact our professionals.

How to Open a Garage Door without Power

How to Open a Garage Door without Power

We all depend on our automatic garage door openers. They have added tons of convenience to our lives. Despite of this, we often tend to take them for granted. When something like a power outage happens, suddenly it becomes a huge inconvenience to operate a door. How will you get your car inside the garage or get it out?


Five Essential Tips To Help You Choose The Right Garage Door Installer

Tips To Help You Choose The Right Garage Door Installer

Garage doors are very heavy moving parts of your house. It uses an electronic motor to open and close automatically. In order to operate door smoothly, it requires regular maintenance and occasionally wears and tear repair service. For these services, there are a number of companies available in the market who provide you all kinds of garage door services at affordable prices.


Looking To Soundproof Your Garage? Check Out These 4 Professional Tips!

Looking To Soundproof Your Garage? Check Out These 4 Professional Tips!

Most of the people have realized the importance of using their garage more than just a parking slot. This involves using the garage for various purposes like converting it into a mini office, study room or using it for partying etc. Since one is looking to use the garage for things like these, it should be soundproof enough to carry out such activities with peace.


Risks Involved With Cheap Garage Doors Explained By Experts!

Risks Involved With Cheap Garage Doors Explained By Experts!

We all want to save money, don’t we? Yes! It is very much true but there are times when spending a bit more, can actually be more profitable. Garage doors hold a lot of importance in one’s property as it provides security and safety to the garage.

When choosing a new garage door, these things should be kept in mind too. What mostly happens is that while trying to save money, safety and security features get neglected easily. This is not a very good idea as your garage needs to be safe and secure and a cheap garage door will hardly be having that.

Risks Involved With Cheap Garage Doors

  • Low Quality

Cheap garage doors have this quality that they hardly have any quality in them. When something is made out of a low price, you can’t expect it to be of high quality. The material used to make such garage doors are of low quality and don’t provide any strength to the garage door.

  • Cheap Spare Parts

It is very obvious that a cheap garage door will use cheap quality spare parts only. These spare parts have no warranty and one can never tell till what time, they will perform. These kinds of spare parts are prone to a lot of wear and tear, thus affecting the smooth functioning of your garage door.

  • High Maintenance Costs

If you though you saved a lot of money after buying a cheap garage door, think again! Cheap garage doors are prone to a lot of defects, wear and tear amongst its parts, leading to repair or replacements. These replacements can be pretty expensive and when done on regular basis, which is likely to happen, take the cost of maintenance very high!

  • Leads To High Energy Bills

As cheap garage doors have hardly any insulation quality, they fail completely to stop external temperatures from entering the garage. This makes your HVAC unit to work harder during extreme climate in summers and winters. This eventually leads to higher energy bills and that too every month!

  • Low Security

When the material used to make garage door is low quality, it will hardly have any strength in it, thus providing low to zero security to your garage door. This can make your garage door prone to a break-in, leading to a theft! You can actually loose out more money than you tried to save while buying a cheap garage door.

  • Short Life Span

Everyone knows that for a healthy and long living, one got to have strength in the body. When it comes to cheap garage doors, its body hardly possess any strength. Over the time, this makes it stop working due to the failure of its one or the other part. How far do you think such a garage door is going to survive?

Take Professional Advise Instead!

If you are confused on choosing the garage door that fits in your budget, feel free to call Gulliver Garage Doors Edmonton for an expert advise. We will guide you in choosing the best garage door for your garage which provides full safety and fits in your budget at the same time.

Most Common Garage Doors Myths & Facts

Most Common Garage Doors Myths & Facts

When it comes to garage doors, decision making gets very tough. Since it is a special component of your property, you don’t want to take any chances.

What makes the decision making even more tough, is the wrong information prevailing in the market. There are a lot of myths about garage doors regarding repairs, installation, purchasing etc.

One should not pay heed to such myths, rather consult a professional for the same. This will not only clear the confusions but also help in proper decision making. So, let us clear some of your myths mentioned below.

Myth & Facts About Garage Doors

Myth – All garage doors are built of the same material.
Fact – Not at all, if all garage doors were same, why would there be so much competition and different prices? It is because garage doors vary in terms of quality, security and a lot of other features.

Myth – All garage doors are loud in nature.
Fact – This is not true as the loudness of the garage door depends upon the quality of the material used and this makes it cheap and expensive.
Apart from this, a garage door making too much sound is an indication of a faulty component.

Myth – Garage doors need little to no maintenance.
Fact – Such kind of myths can prove to be very costly if you start following them blindly. Garage doors work throughout the year and need proper care and maintenance. Failing to do so, can invite a lot of trouble for the garage doors.

Myth -Manual garage doors are far better than automatic garage doors.
Fact -We know where this came from. There is no doubt that manual garage door involves simple installation process and even easy maintenance. However, automatic garage doors are more convenient to use and also offers more security and features.

Myth – All garage doors have the same look.
Fact – Not true again! There are so many designs out there in the market today for garage doors. Not only they differ in looks but also vary in features. You have a lot of options to choose from but make sure you choose a design which matches with the exterior of your house.

Myth – All garage door services or service companies are the same.
Fact – False! Garage door services depend upon the kind of problem it is facing and requires complete different treatments. Regarding different companies, each and every company has different ways of working. It is the quality of work which distinguishes one company from the other.

Myth – Repair is needed when a component fails.
Fact – No! If you will wait for the component to fail, then it may be too late for repair and require a replacement. It is essential to regularly inspect the garage door, which help in early detection of the problem and then a repair is possible.

Things to Consider While Hiring a Garage Door Repair Professional

Things to Consider While Hiring a Garage Door Repair Professional

The way you treat your car, you should treat your garage door also. If you think people get impressed by looking at your car, it is very much true, but one more thing people will get impressed by is looking at your garage door.

Garage door demands proper care and maintenance from your side, this is what it makes beautiful and appealing. Just like anything, your garage door can get damaged over time and may demand some repair and makeover.

So, how do you go about it? Just simply calling out a professional will not help, you have to hire someone who truly is a Professional!

Look out for these things before hiring one:-

  • License

It is very important that you choose a company which is certified and all their professionals are licensed. Always ask for the license when a professional comes to repair your garage door.

  • References

There is nothing in the world that can give you the correct information about the company than the previous customers. If you can find on your own, good enough.

If not, ask for contacts from the company itself. If they fail to provide, look for some other companies.

  • Experience

Who will you hire? Someone new in this field or someone with loads of experience? The answer is obvious, you will opt for experienced professionals.

This doesn’t mean that a new company don’t have the skills to work but that puts you on the edge. If you want to take that risk? Hire one and see.

  • Estimate

It is very important that you get an estimate prepared for the cost of services. This gives you better idea of your own budget.

Based on that, you can lower or increase the amount or quality of work to be done. Also, it saves you from getting overcharged after the work is done.

  • Warranty

A well reputed company is confident about their work and even offers warranty to their work and services. If you are looking for a repair company, try to find the one who also gives you warranty for their work.

This will save you from any repeated damage after they leave and also let you know the quality of their work.

  • Payments

This gives a clear idea whether a company is licensed or not. If they are asking for only cash, chances are that they are not registered.

A licensed company will accept all modes of payment including credit, debit card, checks since they are licensed and pay taxes.

So, it is advisable to go through all the above points before you hire a garage door professional next time. Not only it will save you from any kind of fraud, but also help in the proper repair, which your garage is asking.