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The Most Common Commercial Garage Door Problems You Need to Know

The Most Common Commercial Garage Door Problems You Need to Know

Just like a residential garage door, commercial doors also hold importance. Both are used on a regular basis. Whether it is your home appliances, a residential door or a commercial garage door, when you use it on a regular basis, it needs a lot of care and protection from its owner. In case, if you fail to do, it can lead to some serious problems, affecting your business and time.

Unfortunately, with the one faulty part the entire overhead door not working. Every business needs a strong and sturdy garage door. It does not only keep your workplace safe, in fact, contribute to the overall business appearance. There is no more frustrating than a malfunctioning door. It does not create inconvenience for you, but also interfere with your business operations.

Here are some common commercial garage door problems discussed by garage door repair professionals.

  1. The door won’t open: Generally, commercial overhead doors are heavy. Every door has two torsion springs on both sides. In case the spring gets damaged, it will create difficulty to lift the door when you press the open button. It means the door demands a repair service by a professional.
  2. Damaged track: Tracks play an important role in the operation of the door. In case, if the track is out of alignment, you cannot open or close the door. Maintenance on a regular basis will help you detect the problem early. Visual inspection of the track helps you find the gaps between the rollers and the rail. There can be a various possible reasons for the misaligned track, but most importantly rollers or rails are responsible for it.
  3. The problem with the power: If you have a manually operated garage door or an automatic overhead door, it needs an appropriate power supply to work. In case, you door won’t open and close properly, it could be an issue with the power supply. In such situation, your commercial garage door requires the help of a professional technician to find the problem.
  4. Damaged spring and cable: Garage door system relies on both torsion spring and cables. If anyone of them get fail to perform, the commercial garage door will not open and close. Cables and springs are the most important part of your door that requires a regular maintenance service and replacement service if they get broken.
  5. Some of aspects of commercial garage door repair you can do on your own. But some repair services are good to be left in the hands of an overhead door repair professional. A door has several large and small parts and you might not be familiar with all of them. That’s why it is good to contact a professional.